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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Snippets One Hundred: Bobby and the Boys

Bobby Singer was sitting in the school’s office when Sam and Dean entered the building.  He’d driven straight through.  Dean paused and looked at the man.  Bobby smiled and nodded at the boy.  Castiel, standing behind the boy, could see the anger in the way the man sat in his chair.  He left Dean and entered the office to sit with the man Dean had called for help.

The secretary motioned to Bobby to enter the inner office.  The angel followed the man into the Principal’s office, remembering another time when Dean had wanted to go home and watch over his brother.   Now the little brother was the problem. 


‘Yes, My son.’

‘Help Bobby with this situation, please?  No one should have to teach a five-year-old how to lie.  It is bad enough that Dean has to do so, but for Dean to have to teach it to Sam is wrong.’

‘I will bless Bobby Singer in this venture, Castiel, but I will not interfere with free will and neither will you.’

‘Father, will I be cast out if I continue in my course?’ The angel thought back over the rebellious decisions he had made.

‘I look at the heart, Castiel.  Remember that.  I, your Father, look at the heart.’

‘Yes, Father,’ the angel’s voice responded in confusion.

Bobby introduced himself as the boys’ uncle and explained where John was and that they worked around the country, using his salvage yard in South Dakota as a base of operations.  He explained that he had joint custody of the boys and was taking them back to South Dakota.  He handed the papers to the principal. 

The man looked at the papers the older hunter had forged and nodded.  He told his secretary to bring the boys to the office and check them out of school. 
Dean walked into the office and saw Sam sitting there.  He looked around for Bobby in fear.  Sam smiled at him.  The older boy sat next his little brother.

“Where’s Uncle Bobby?”

“I dunno, Dean.  The lady said we were leaving school.”

“We’re expelled?”

The door had opened next to the boys and Bobby touched the older boy’s shoulder.

“No, Son.  I’m taking you home.”

The relief on the boy’s face was heartbreaking.

“Let’s go get your things and I’ll call your Dad.”

At the motel, Bobby tried the number John had given him.  He left a message and loaded the boys into his car.  The angel sat in the front seat and sighed in relief.  The boys were going home again, but for how long?

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