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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Four: The Siege Part One

        The day grew dark as evening set in.  Caleb came upstairs to check on the boys.

        “Bobby has supper ready,” he commented noticing the grip of a pistol beneath Dean’s pillow.

        “May I see that?”

        Dean turned pale and told his brother to go on to the kitchen.  He reached under the pillow and pulled out his pistol.

        “Where’d you get this?”

        “It was given to me.  I have a large blade too,” the boy spoke quietly.

        “What is it loaded with?”

        “Salt rounds?”

        “Dean, it can’t be salt rounds.  I’ve never seen them used in a pistol.  May I see the gun?”

        Caleb took the pistol from the boy and looked at the rounds inside it.  He smiled.

        “These are iron rounds, Dean.  You need a shotgun for the salt rounds.  I have an extra one and I’ll let you have it.” 

        Dean sighed and thanked the man. 

        “I’m surprised your dad didn’t teach you the difference.  It’s not a problem.  Let’s go and eat supper and I’ll get the shotgun for you.”

        The two headed downstairs and into the kitchen.

        Bobby had pork chops, baked potatoes, and a salad.  Dean frowned at the salad, but ate the potatoes and the chops.  Sam was enjoying the salad.  The older boy grimaced at every bite his little brother took.

        After dinner, Caleb and Bobby took a walk outside.  The two boys watched a movie.

        The boys heard a knock on the door.  Dean grabbed the shotgun and looked out a window.  A young woman stood on the porch and proceeded to knock again.   There was no sign of the hunters.

        A third knock was heard.  Dean wasn’t sure what to do.  He looked at Sam and told him to go downstairs and go into the safe room and lock it.  He had to order his little brother to make him go.

        The woman called out, “Hello?  Is anyone there?”

        Dean swallowed hard and opened the door after checking the salt line.  He looked into beautiful blue eyes and noticed dark brown hair and a wonderful smile.

        “Well, hello.  Is your Mother or Dad available?”

        “There upstairs and can’t come to the door.  Can I help you?”

        “You’re a pretty good liar, Dean,” the brunette said softly.  “Why bother doing that?  I know who you are.”

        “You’re not getting my brother,” Dean answered.

        “What if I don’t want your brother?”


        “He’s not ready and neither are we, but you are in the way.”

        Before Dean could reply a shot rang out and the demon disappeared.  Bobby and Caleb ran into the house.  The older hunter grabbed the boy and shook him.

        “Are you crazy?  You don’t stand there and talk to a demon, Boy!  You shoot them!  What did she want?”

        “She told me I was in the way,” the boy spoke softly.

        Both men turned and stared in surprise.

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