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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Three: Siege Preparations

        Caleb and Dean drove into town and stocked up on groceries and medical supplies Bobby was running low on.  The two had spent a good deal on the food and added things Sam would eat.  At the pharmacy, basic first aid items were purchased.  While Caleb was paying for the items, Dean walked next door and entered a book store.  The hunter saw him leave and frowned.  He quickly put the merchandise in his truck and entered the book store. 

        Dean was in the children’s books, looking for books for Sam and for himself.  Both boys read above their age level.  Caleb helped Dean find some books on animal life, oceans, and space for Sam.  Dean walked over to a young adult section and chose Doyle’s Holmes, and Bradbury’s Mars books. 

        The two climbed into the truck when Dean looked at the pharmacy and saw the man who had been at the door on Halloween.  He had been after Sam.  Dean knew he was a demon.  He gently touched Caleb and nodded towards the man. 

         “He’s a demon.”

        “We’re heading out, Dean.  Keep an eye out for anything or anyone else who looks wrong,” the hunter spoke softly. 

        Reaching the salvage yard, the two began to unload the truck with the help of Bobby.  Sam was told to stay inside. 

        Bobby fixed lunch and told everyone what needed to be done.  He explained about the safe room and told them to go there if the house was breached.  Dean nodded and looked at Sam who was having a difficult time keeping up with the conversation.

        “Sammy?  You remember when I said there were bad things and we had to be careful at times?”

        “Yeah, Dean.  Is this one of those times?”

        “Yeah, Sammy, so we do exactly what Uncle Bobby and Caleb tell us.  That way we stay safe.  Okay?”

        “Okay, Dean,” the young boy answered softly.

        After lunch, the older Winchester took his brother upstairs and they both started reading the new books.  Slowly the sun began to set.  The two hunters kept watch.

        No one knew Dean had a pistol filled with salt rounds under his pillow.

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