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Friday, October 19, 2012

Snippets One Hundred One: Bobby's House

Bobby reached home by early evening.  He had two exhausted boys in the back seat of his car and one frustrated angel in the front seat.

Castiel was beginning to feel the boys had become the objects of a power play between the two men.  He did not blame Bobby, who only wanted normalcy for the two lads.  John was another matter.  The man wanted soldiers; not sons.

Caleb had dropped by and was sitting on the porch, waiting for the older hunter and the boys.  He smiled and waved at everyone.

Dean remembered him and shook hands, searching the man’s eyes for problems.  The younger hunter was surprised by the intensity in the youngster’s eyes.  He realized that the oldest Winchester child had stared, read him, and made his decision about him. 

The angel and the older hunter watched the interchange between the two.  Castiel knew that Dean would do this.  He had learned on his own.  Bobby was surprised.

“Let’s go in.  I imagine everyone is hungry.  I’ll cook up something and put some coffee on,” the older man said gruffly and unlocked his door.

Dean had both duffels and carried them up to the bedroom he shared with Sam.  His brother and the angel followed.

Sam watched his brother check the salt lines in the window.  He shook his head, not understanding the reasoning for it.  Dean turned and smirked softly.

“It’s just for protection, Sammy.”

“From what, Dean?”

“There’s bad things out there sometimes.  It’s better to not have to deal with them.”

Sam sighed, “Okay, Dean."

Bobby called the boys to the kitchen.  Dean’s stomached growled.  Sam laughed at the noise and both of the young Winchesters ran down the stairs.

Bobby had made cheeseburgers and set out a bag of potato chips and some milk for the boys.  He and Caleb had coffee with their burgers.  Dean stared at the milk and thought a minute.  Cas could read him.  The boy had thought about asking for a soft drink, but changed his mind.  Dean was learning to pick his battles.  Bobby was not a battle and the man’s kitchen was not a battlefield.

After supper, the boys went up their room and each found a book to read.  They laid on the bed and read until they fell asleep. 

Castiel sat in the rocking chair and watched his charge.  He could relax until John Winchester interfered again.

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