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Monday, October 15, 2012

When is a Ghost Town Not a Ghost Town Pt. 13

        Dean woke around 5:30 p.m.  There had been no call from either Sam or Garth.  He smacked his lips and rubbed his sleep filled eyes.  Yawning, he sat up on the side of his bed and looked at the clock in surprise.  He seldom slept that long.

        It took a few minutes to remember where he was and he checked his phone in case he had somehow not heard it ring.  There were no voice mails from either of the two men.  He began to worry.

        The older hunter took a quick shower and dressed.  He called his brother and the phone went to voice mail.  Garth’s number did the same thing.  He walked outside and saw the Impala was parked out in front.  Garth’s vehicle was nowhere in sight.

        He walked over to the restaurant and entered.  The place grew quiet when he walked in.  Stopping at the door, the young man noted all the stares and decided to find somewhere else to eat. 

Walking outside, Dean headed to his baby and drove to India’s.  The place was closed.  Sighing, the man wondered if there was anywhere else he could get a meal.  He drove to the local store and asked.  The Hispanic woman at the register told him about the Lodge in the Basin at Big Bend National Park.

As he headed that way, he saw the turnoff for the ghost town.  Thinking about Sam and Garth, the hunter decided he’d better check on them first.  Turning right onto the road, he saw Garth’s vehicle coming towards him.  He pulled over and waited.

Garth rolled down his window.  Dean asked about getting no answer on the phones.

“They barely work half the time around here, Dean,” Sam responded.

“Okay, well, what did you find out?” the older brother asked.

“We’re going to go eat and we can talk there,” the taller man replied.

“I’m not eating there.  They all got quiet and stared at me,” Dean growled, giving Garth an angry look.

“Hey, Dude, it got her away from you,” the smaller man argued.

“Yeah, well, now I’m the entertainment in town,” the hunter snarled.  “I’m going to Big Bend and the Basin.  They got a nice restaurant up there.  Follow me.”

The two vehicles headed to the national park and drove for a while as the drive went further into the barren wilderness of the park.  They finally turned onto the road that went to the Basin.  Dean slowed way down as the road had sharp curves.  He could look to the right and see drop offs. 

They finally pulled into the Basin and walked to the Lodge.  All three men were surprised at how nice the place was.  Dean saw the steak on the menu, and the waitress was an attractive redhead with a wonderful personality.  He smiled.

Garth had a chicken dish and Sam ordered the soup and salad bar.  Dean watched the waitress.  Sam followed his gaze.

“She’s wearing a wedding ring, Man,” he murmured.

“I know, but I can admire her, Sammy,” the older brother smiled.

“Dude, we have a Trickster,” Sam murmured, noting the shock on his brother’s face.

“Aw, come on!  Gabriel’s dead!” he hissed.

“There can be more than one, Dude,” came the harsh whisper.

“Son of a bitch!”

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