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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Snippets Ninety-One: John and Dean II

Dean watched through the window in surprise.  His head turned when the door opened and his father did not enter with the other two men.  He ran out the door before Bobby could stop him.

“Dad!” the young Winchester yelled and stopped when he started coughing.  Cas started to touch him but stopped when he felt a touch from Father.  He remained still and watched his charge.

John watched his son double over with the cough and managed to get up and walk to him.  He knelt back down on the ground and softly touched his son on the back.  Dean looked up at him, tears streaming down his face.

“I’m sorry, Son.  I’ve been a fool.  I didn’t realize how sick you were.  From now on, anything like this happens, and you feel you can’t do the job, you call Bobby. You hear me?  He’ll get to you or send someone who can.  I don’t want to lose you.”

Dean went into his father’s arms and both of them cried.  John pulled away and looked at his son.

“I think I’ll get a room and we’ll spend a couple of days here.  It will give you time to get completely well.  I can have some time with you and give you some lessons.  That sound good?”

Dean wiped his nose on his sleeve and sniffed. 

“Yes, Dad.”

“Let’s go see what they have.”

The two walked towards the motel office.

Bobby stood at the door, watching.

“I hope that’s real, Jim.”

“Me, too, Bobby.”

“I wish it was, but it’s not,” thought Castiel.

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