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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Snippets One Hundred Five: The Siege Part Two

        “In the way?” Bobby asked.

        At this moment, Castiel appeared.  The angel had been told that a demon was looking for the boys and had gone to check on it.  He now knew it was a ruse to get him out of the way.  He looked at Dean, and could see the boy was frightened but not willing to show it.

        Dean’s guardian came closer to him and stood by him, allowing his peace to flow, but this time the boy was not receiving it.  Frustrated, Cas looked around the room for anything that might be hindering him.

        The angel walked near the door and took a closer look at the mark that was on the frame.  The demon had placed a small sigil where it would not be seen by human eyes.  He frowned and peered closer.   It was a curse mark; a spell.  Turning towards his charge, he realized the curse was for the boy; his boy. 

        The angel studied the spell.  It had to be carefully removed.  A wrong move could harm Dean.   He chanted softly and reached out and touched the mark.  A flash occurred and Dean moaned and fell to the floor.

        Bobby knelt down and checked the older Winchester to make sure he wasn’t harmed while Caleb ran to the door frame.  Castiel had moved quickly to aid his charge.  He reached out and touched Dean’s forehead and healed him.

        Dean slowly opened his eyes and looked around him in confusion.  The angel sighed in relief and kept a hand on the child’s shoulder.  Bobby sobbed and grabbed the boy and pulled him into his arms.

        “Are you all right?”  Dean nodded and looked up as Caleb knelt down. 

        “I can’t find anything, Bobby,” he said softly.

        “Let’s take him down to the safe room and let him rest there,” the older hunter said, his voice shaking.

Dean began to protest but was over ruled by two hunters.  Bobby carried him down the stairs and they put him in the room with Sam, who cried his name.

“I’m all right, Sammy,” Dean whispered, as they laid him on a cot.  The boy drifted off to sleep.  Caleb brought some food and they left the two boys and the angel in the room.  Cas sat on the floor, keeping a hand on his charge.  Sam sat on the edge of the cot, a frightened look on his face.

It remained quiet as Dean slept off the effects of the spell while his two guardians watched over him.

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