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Monday, August 20, 2012

When is a Ghost Town Not a Ghost Town Pt3

Dean stared at his brother, mouth open for a moment.

“Mayor?  A goat?”

“Yeah, Dean.  Well, they either have a very strange sense of humor or something is very wrong here.  Goats have a bad rep in our business.”

“Let’s get the hell out of here and keep looking.  I wonder how far we’d have to go to find a library and history of this place?”

“I’ve got Bobby looking into it,” the taller brother answered, reaching down to offer Dean a lift up.

The two men walked out of the theater, checking to make sure they weren’t seen.  It had grown hotter.

“Damn, it’s like an oven out here,” Dean swore.

“It is a desert, Dean.”

They walked towards the motel bar and found the door locked.  Going back down the wooden sidewalk, the two men entered the main part of the building.

The floors were wooden and slightly off level.  Dean looked at his brother.  He went right and Sam went left. 

The store had statues of local animals, rocks, arrowheads, and candy on the shelves and tables the hunter passed.  A few aisles over Dean stopped.  Everywhere he looked there were dolls and animals with skulls.  Shocked to find anything like what he was seeing, the hunter slowly took out his EMF reader.  Nothing came up.  He looked at the items before him and started wracking his brain for a reason.

Sam, walking through wracks of toys, statues, and post cards, turned and saw his brother standing at the end of a far aisle with this EMF in his hand. A questioning look appeared on his face and he turned to check on Dean.

Dean entered one aisle, moving slowly, staring and feeling very uncomfortable.
“What’s wrong, Dean?” Sam asked, making his brother jump.

“I think I just found Achmed the Dead Terrorist’s family,” the hunter grinned up at his younger brother.  Sam stared at him and looked at their surroundings.

“It stuff for those who practice El Día de los Muertos,” Sam replied as he moved through the aisle looking at the racks of unusual dolls with skulls.
“The Day of the Dead.  They have celebrated this since before the Spanish came to Mexico.  It’s a combination of Aztec and Catholic beliefs.  They celebrate their ancestors.”

“They want to remember them like this?  Don’t answer that.  I don’t think I want to know.”  Dean walked into a clothing section that had t-shirts and clothing from India.  He was slowly looking at everything, trying to find something out of the ordinary when an extremely large woman in a halter top and hot pants walked in.  She had a number of tattoos on her body.

Sam saw her at the same time she spotted Dean.  He grinned as the woman made her way towards the shorter brother.  Dean might consider himself a chick magnet, but this time it might just backfire on him.

Dean heard someone come up behind him and turned to find himself almost smothered by the woman’s halter top.  He tried backing up, but there was no place to move to. 

“Excuse me,” he stuttered, but the woman didn’t move.

“You’re new here, ain’tcha?” she asked.

‘Oh hell no!’ Dean thought as he looked over his shoulder at his brother who was grinning.

“Hey, Sam!  They don’t have it, so let’s go!”

“That’s okay, Dean.  Visit with your new friend,” Sam called back to him as he turned and left the room.

The last think the taller man saw was an intense look of fear on his brother’s face.

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