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Friday, August 24, 2012

Snippets Eight-Four: Turning Seven

John was in Portland, Oregon, meeting with Daniel Elkins.  They were taking out a vampire nest.  John had been told to learn how to kill vampires from Elkins who specialized in them. 

Dean and Sam were left in Montana where John had killed a wendigo.  He’d given Dean a hundred dollars and had paid for the room for two weeks.  The older boy did everything he could to entertain his brother in the middle of a Montana winter. 

Sam was getting into everything, asking questions, and constantly wanting things Dean couldn’t provide.  The older boy was tired and not feeling well.  He hoped he wasn’t getting sick because Sammy needed him.  He had no idea who he could call.  Dad would be angry if he did.  After Anahuac, he avoided getting his Dad angry.
Two days later, Sammy heard his brother in the bathroom.  Dean was sick.  His face was white with flushed cheeks and his eyes looked glazed.  He would not lay down when he had a little brother to care for. 

That night, the older brother had fever driven nightmares.  He woke, sick and was unable to hold down liquids.  He heated food for his baby brother and it would make him sick to smell it.

He finally called his Uncle Bobby.

“Hey, Dean.  Happy Birthday, Son.”

Dean could barely get words out.  Bobby got the gist of what was happening.  Calls were made.  Bobby and Pastor Jim both reached the small town in Montana about the same time.

At this point, Sammy answered the door.  Jim picked picked up the younger boy as the older man found the little boy’s brother delirious on the bed closest to the door. 

He looked up at Jim, “Hospital?”

The minister nodded.  They packed up everything in the room and checked the boys out of the motel.

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