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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Snippets Eighty-Eight: The Hospital

Bobby was awakened by loud screams and recognized Dean’s voice.  He ran into the ICU towards the boy’s room.  A nurse tried to stop him, telling him it was not visiting hours.  Bobby pushed past her.

“That’s my boy screaming.  You’re not stopping me.”

Rushing into the room, the man rushed past an angel who stood and waited to see if he had to intervene.  He allowed Bobby to do so.

The hunter pushed the nurse out of the way and saw the child trying to pull out his I.V. and screaming for Sam.

“Dean!  It’s okay.  Sam’s okay.  Now stop this.  You were very sick.  Thank God you called me before you passed out.  Sammy’s okay.”

The tear filled hazel eyes stared into his and Dean leaned into the man’s arms, crying.

“Uncle Bobby.  I couldn’t take care of him.”

“He’s okay, Son.  We found your Father.  As soon as he can, he’ll be here.”

Dean nodded, but held onto the Bobby as if he were a lifeline.

“Now you got to stop fighting these people so you can get better.  All right?”

Bobby heard a large sniff and Dean nodded.  The hunter started to get up.

“Don’t go, Uncle Bobby.”

The nurse was on the phone with the doctor.  She smiled at the child and told him that his Uncle could stay.

The older man sighed and sat in the chair.  Cas sat on foot of the bed and thanked Father that Bobby was there.

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