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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Snippets Eighty: On the Road

The day after New Year’s Day, John packed the boys into the Impala and hit the road.  It was early morning and both boys fell back asleep in the car.  For their father this was good.  It meant no stops for food or other things.
Castiel sat in the front seat watching the road, turning every so often to check on the older boy.  Dean slept fitfully, head against the door.  He would wake with a start, check on his brother, and go back to sleep.  His father never noticed.

John was heading to Texas.  There was a little town spelled, ‘Anahuac,’ and a community south of it called Oak Island.  There were problems in both communities. 

By midmorning, both boys were awake and hungry.   John pulled into a small store and gave Dean the money, telling him to buy breakfast and lunch for both boys.  He asked for coffee for himself.  Sam started yelling that he had to potty.  Dean ducked his head and grinned.  John cursed and got out of the car, taking the money from Dean.

The blond took his brother’s hand and they went to the bathroom.  Castiel followed, not liking the idea of two young boys by themselves in a strange restroom.

Everyone in the store heard the crash and screams.  The manager began screaming as he ran towards the bathrooms.  John beat him to the door and rushed in.  The door of a stall had fallen.  Sam was yelling because Dean had thrown himself on top of his brother to protect him.  Castiel had slowed the door’s fall to prevent injury to his charge. 

John was swearing.  The manager was apologizing.  He thought a sign had been placed on the door.  There was no sign in sight.
The food, drinks, and gasoline were free.  Dean kept looking around him for something.  Castiel realized the boy had noticed how the door fell.  He smiled to himself, wondering what the boy would do about it. A thought occurred to the angel and the smile left his face.  Would Father consider this interference or his job?

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