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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Snippets Eighty-One: Dean's Private Hunt

After the incident in the store bathroom, John bought the food, loaded up the boys and drove until he hit Texas.  He found a small town outside of Dallas and pulled into the first motel that had a vacancy sign. 

The next half hour was spent examining both boys.  Dean tried to tell his father that the door barely touched him when it landed.  Castiel was turning shades of yellow.   He watched his charge closely, wishing the child wasn’t quite that smart.

John left early in the evening to visit a bar.  Dean looked into his father’s journal and a couple of old books the man carried in his duffel.  By late evening, several traps were set beneath rugs or in the window.  Castiel watched with a smile of relief on his face.  Dean was hunting demons and a few other creatures, but the boy had no understanding of angels.
A layer of salt was spread on the floor around the bed the boys shared. Dean had to crawl under the bed to make sure the entire bed had a circle. 

Cas watched the older boy read a warding spell out of a book. 


‘Yes, my Son?’

“He will be seven in less than three weeks.  If he ever thinks angels exist, I may be in trouble.  He has set a trap for everything in the books he has the materials to use.’

‘It is good practice, my Son.’

‘Father, he set up a ward against succubi and incubi!’

The angel heard laughter, ‘That might disappoint his father, but they are not interested him.  At least, not yet.’


Castiel heard laughter from Heaven and knew he had just been made the butt of a joke.  He shook his head and watched the innocent face smiling as the last trap was set. 

‘Father, help us.  You are going to be dangerous, Boy.’

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