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Friday, August 17, 2012

Snippets Eighty-Two: Anahuac

The Impala pulled into the rural town of Anahuac, Texas at 2:00 in the afternoon.  The only motel was up for sale but was still renting rooms.  Dean frowned at the size of the rooms.  The child had been in bigger bathrooms. 
John and the boys walked over to the Dairy Queen and had a fairly decent lunch.  The children’s menu was a good one.  The boys talked quietly as John listened to the conversations.  No one spoke of any evil or hauntings in the area.  He was surprised by it.

Most of the conversation was about the bad weather coming in.  Weather meant omens to the older Winchester.  People were buying rock salt and stocking up on wood for their fireplaces and wood burning stoves.  He heard talk of oil lamps, water, and extra blankets.

Interrupting a conversation, he explained they were new in town and asked about the preparations everyone was making.  The Gulf coast was subtropical but every so often the area was hit with ice storms.  No one was prepared for it.  John realized he was not up north.
As soon as the boys had finished eating, the hunter took them back to the hotel and left them while he went to the area stores.  There wasn’t much choice.  He had two Dollar Stores, two grocery stores, a Christian used items store, and two lumber yards.  It took a while to gather up what would be needed.  Realizing the boys would not be able to go outside, he bought some games and books for them.

After dropping off all of the supplies, John started driving around, visiting places, and listening. 

Dean and Sam played games until it started getting darker than usual.  Dean looked outside and saw rain.  He turned up the heat.  Castiel sat on the other bed in the room and watched.  The boy fix sandwiches for himself and his brother. 

By 6 in the evening the temperature dropped to 28 degrees Fahrenheit and the rain had turned to sleet.  The wind began to pick up.  Castiel watched the boys dress in their winter coats, hats, and gloves and go outside.  It was almost dark. 

They were sliding on the ice when the Impala pulled up.  John got out of the car and walked towards his sons.

“Dean!  What the hell are you doing?”

“It’s not snow, Dad, but ice is almost as good.”

John stood there and watched boy boys sliding on the ice and falling on their butts.  Their laughter rang through the air, drowned out by the wind.  A large branch on a tree down the road fell with a large resounding thud and the lights in the entire area went out. 

Grabbing two half frozen little boys, John entered the house.  He turned on the hot water in the shower, knowing it wouldn’t last long.  He told both of his sons to strip and get in the hot shower to warm up.

Warm pajamas with extra warm undergarments were on the boys’ bed.  They dressed in these and a sweater.  John set up a camp stove and made instant coffee and hot chocolate.  He played Candy Land with his boys by candlelight.  Castiel watched the scene with a smile, but had trouble figuring out the reason behind the game.

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