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Friday, August 24, 2012

Snippets Eighty-Six: Castiel

Castiel had been in Heaven.  Father had called him home, saying there would be no attack on the boys while he was gone.  Cas had been nervous the entire time, but the knowledge learned about Azazel was important.  Something big was planned and it involved both boys.  Cas was to remain the guardian of Dean but watch Sam.

‘It is time to return, my Son.  The boy is ill and friends have put him in the hospital.  The father is in Oregon.  The boys are in Montana.’

‘I can heal him, Father.’

“Not at this time, my Son.  He’s under good care.  It is why I give the knowledge to Doctors.  I do answer prayers.'

Cas looked unhappy but returned to earth quietly.  He arrived in the hospital Pediatric ICU waiting room and his eyes widened in surprise.  He saw Bobby Singer sitting in a corner with a large cup of coffee.  There were the remains of three other cups on the end table next to his chair.
Cas entered the ICU.  Dean was on oxygen to help him breathe.

‘Please, Father.  At least let me clear the lungs?’

There was silence.  The boy looked weak.  Castiel felt anger and an unknown feeling…rebellion.  He touched Dean and cleared his lungs and gave the boys strength.

The angel left to find John Winchester.

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