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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Snippets Ninety: John and Bobby

Bobby took Dean to the motel to see Sam the next morning.  John was in the room when they arrived.  Dean stood still, not sure what to do.  He smiled when Sam ran to him. 

“John,” Bobby muttered.

“Bobby.  Thank you for taking care of my boys.  We’ll be leaving.”

“Dean?  You want to go through this again?” Bobby asked the boy.

Looking at his father, Dean nodded.

“Let’s go,” John spoke to his sons.

“Just a minute,” Bobby stood in the way.  Jim began to rise, but Castiel nudged him gently and the man sat back down.

“We have nothing to say, Bobby,” John spoke firmly.

“Like hell, we don’t.  Let’s take it outside,” the other man countered.

John pushed past him.  Jim told Dean to stay in the room and followed the two men outside, with an angel right behind him.

John turned to say something when Bobby’s fist hit him directly in the face and the man fell backwards.  John struggled to get up but the other hunter grabbed his jacket, pulled him halfway up and hit him again.

“If you ever treat your boys like this again, John, the next time, I’ll use buckshot!”

“You can’t tell me how to care for my boys!”

Bobby picked the other man up halfway again and the blow was hard.

“Dean didn’t call right away because he was trying to obey you’re damned orders, John!.  If he had called me, we might have avoided a lot of this.  He got pneumonia and called when he was delirious from a high fever.  Your son was unconscious when we found him.  He nearly died, John.  Quit being an ass and raise him right!”

John laid there on the ground, a look of shock on his face.

“Nearly died?”

“That’s right!”

Bobby and Jim left him lying on the ground in the parking lot.

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