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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Learning Dean Winchester Chapter Sixteen

Dean sat there, blood slowly seeping from the head wound, face covered with grease, and the green eyes were wide open.


        “I’m sorry I didn’t call, Dean.  I had a lot of things I had to make right.  I didn’t want to talk to you at the time.  I needed to know I was making the decision because it was what I wanted to do.”

        Dean got to his feet and grabbed his brother.

        “Are you all right?  Where did you go?”

        “I’m okay.  I had to take care of the dog and talk to Don, Amelia’s husband.  I wanted him to know I no longer loved her and I was out of her life.”

        “Sammy, she’s dead.”

        “Yeah, but he doesn’t know that.  I don’t intend to tell him the truth.  Do you?”

        “Where’s the dog?”

        The younger Winchester grinned, “With Kevin and Mrs. Tran.”

        Dean stared in surprise, “Really?”

        “Yeah, all three are getting along just fine.”

        Sam looked at the work his brother had been doing,  “Are you rebuilding Bobby’s?”

        “Yeah. Garth is doing his job, so I thought I’d have a place to work from.  I don’t want to hunt every minute of the day.  I told Garth to let me know when he had a hunt no one could handle or if he had no one available.  Sheriff Rhodes has most of Bobby’s books.  I’m building the house over the panic room.”

        “Okay.  Are you planning on running Bobby’s business?”

        “I’m rebuilding the cars, Sammy.  I hope to sell them and make a little cash.   There’s some old classics back there.”

        The younger brother looked around him, thinking as he took in what Dean had done.

        “I think Winchester Brothers Salvage would work,” Sam suggested.

        “Are you serious?”   
        “Yeah, but we keep the hunting skills honed.”

        “Winchester Brothers sounds fine to me,” Dean smiled.

        Castiel interrupted the reunion, “You will need a place to stay.” 

        “I found an old travel trailer in the back.  It’s workable for now.”

        Sam opened his cell, “Hey, Garth.  Dean and I are staying as a team, so call if and when you need us.  Once the house is built, we’ll have Bobby’s books back.”

        Sam listened with a grin on his face.
        “He says he has them.”

        “Bobby told him about one of his stashes, Sammy.  We have copies of those and of everything he had.   Bobby made sure there was enough to go around if anything happened.”

        “Let me find a place where I can set up an office around here.”

        The angel left the two brothers working on the business and building a house.  He knew they would still hunt, but for the time being, they were rebuilding the only home and real relationship they ever knew.

        Sam looked at his brother.  “Dean, I will probably still get frustrated with the things you do, but I understand why you do them.  I can cope with that.  It’s part of being a family.“

        “That works for me, Sammy.  There’s a room in that old building over there.  It could be turned into an office.  You’re going to need some things for keeping records,” Dean said, smiling through the grease.  “Of course, you might want to get all the grease off you.”

        Sam began to feel the old irritation, but he smiled, “If I’m going to work with a grease monkey, I’ll end up being covered with it any way.  He caught the Impala keys as Dean threw them at him.

        “Before I go, I’ll get the first aid kit and fix your head.”

        Dean sat on the ice chest and smiled, happy for the first time in years.  He sighed and leaned his injured head against the side of the car. 

        “Thank you,” he murmured to whoever would listen.

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