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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snippets One Hundred Twenty-Eight: John Winchester

        John’s appeal was heard two weeks after Dean was grounded.  Jails were crowded and the judge looked carefully at the man’s case.  John was not found guilty of physical abuse, thanks to his son’s adamant insistence that he had fallen.  The charge was leaving two boys alone while he worked out of town.  One of the two was sixteen years of age.  Shaking his head, the judge tossed the case and freed John.

        Child Protective Services called Bobby to notify him.   The man was almost purple with rage.  He knew that John would press the issue and demand the return of his sons.  At this point, only Sam wanted to remain.  Bobby knew that the younger Winchester might want to stay but would follow his older brother.

        Castiel sat at the table, his mind in a quandary.  Dean should not be with John, but Father wanted the boy to be with his dad.  Father believed John was an important part of his charge’s background and personality.  Dean would be who he was due to his father. 

        Bobby kept a shotgun filled with buckshot.  He wanted to use it on John, but it would most likely kill the man.  The hunter didn’t want to risk that in front of the boys.  Rock salt would hurt the man, but not bad enough in the hunter’s opinion.  He went to his ammo closet and searched through boxes and cases of shells, settling on birdshot. 

        The angel watched Bobby load his shotgun with the birdshot and smiled.  Dean would be angry, but it would be enjoyable to watch John Winchester find someone with tweezers pick the pellets out of his rear. ‘Yes,’ he thought.  ‘Very enjoyable.’

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