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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snippets One Hundred Twenty-Nine: Homecoming

        Two days later, Sam answered the phone and heard his Dad’s voice.

        “Hi, Sammy,” the oldest Winchester spoke softly with a smile in his voice.

        “Dad!  Where are you?”

        “I’m about an hour away.  You and Dean have your things on the porch.  Bobby really doesn’t want me there, so we’ll make a quick getaway.”

        “Okay, Dad.  I’ll let Dean know.”

        “Don’t bother Bobby with this.  Okay, Son?”

        “Okay, Dad.”

        Sam ran outside, looking for his brother.  Dean was helping Bobby work on a truck.  He was good with his hands and was a quick learner. The hunter was grateful for the boy’s help.

        Bobby looked up as Sam walked up to the truck.  The boy stood and quietly watched the two as they began to put the transmission back under the vehicle.  Dean finally looked up at his brother.  The quiet was deafening.  He frowned as he noticed the boy grimacing and nodding at him.

        “Bobby, I’m gonna head to the house and use the bathroom.  I’ll be back in a few.”

        “Why don’t you go ahead and clean up, Son.  The worse is done.  I only have to tighten a few bolts,” the man suggested.

        Dean responded with an “Okay” and walked back to the house. 

        Sam told him about the phone call.  Dean nodded and asked him to pack their stuff while he showered.

        Bobby was in the shower when the boys took their things to the porch and came back into the house.  Both boys were glad he was bathing when they saw the Impala.  Dean was nervous as he walked onto the porch.

        John got out of the car and looked around.  He nodded at his sons.

        Sam grinned and said, “He’s in the shower, Dad.”

        “Good,” John told his boys.  “Put your things in the car.”

        The two picked up their duffels and walked towards their father.  Castiel was frantic and nudged Bobby as the man tied his shoes.   The hunter walked into the living room and looked out the window.  Cursing under his breath, he grabbed the shotgun and ran out the door into the yard. 

        John froze.  “Boys, put your things in the car, now.”  Dean turned and saw Bobby aim the shotgun.  The boy ran towards the older man and grabbed at his arm, trying to pull him off center and lose his aim.

        “Damn it, boy, let me go,” Bobby yelled.

        Castiel intervened and Dean fell, yelling, “Run, Dad!”

        John saw the shotgun aimed at him and turned and ran towards the Impala.

        One blast was heard, followed quickly by a deafening scream.

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