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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Learning Dean Winchester Chapter Fourteen

        Sam didn’t hear the car drive up to the cabin.  He’d left the front door open and the visitor walked in and began to look around.  The soft tread of footsteps echoed through the hall.  The individual looked into each room while heading towards the end of the hall where Dean lay sleeping.

        Castiel appeared by lake where Sam leaned against a tree.  The hunter looked at his brother’s guardian and frowned.  He was tired of the angel’s influence over his 

        “Well?” Sam asked.

        “We need to hurry, Sam.  Dean should not be alone.”

        “If you had healed him, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

        “Sam, the thing who attacked Dean is human.”

        Sam stood up, “What?”

        “Your brother left the apartment of the young woman he slept with.  He walked outside towards the Impala where he was accosted by an attractive woman.”     

        “Aw, crap.  What did he do?  Get too pushy?”

        “No.  Dean was contented.  He may have been flirtatious.  She would not have liked that.”

        “What she, Cas?”

        “Dean turned towards the Impala and was stabbed by the woman.  He managed to hold her off from doing more damage and reached the car, but she followed him.  It took time to lose her, Sam.”

        “Why would she follow him?” the younger Winchester asked.

        “We need to go now.  He should not be alone.”

        Sam turned to run and was stopped by the angel, who touched him. 

        The two appeared in Dean’s room and saw a woman standing over him.  She had a pillow and was holding it over the sleeping man’s face.

        Sam stared in shock and suddenly spoke, “Amelia?”

        The dark haired woman stopped and turned to stare at the tall man walking towards her.

        “What the hell are you doing?  He’s my brother.”

        “He’s in the way, Sam.  You don’t need him.  Let me finish this.  He was already dead to us.  Let him remain that way.”

        “Don isn’t dead, Amelia.  Why does Dean have to be?”

        “Don isn’t stopping me from being with you.   Dean?  You aren’t sure.  I need you, Sam.”

        “No.  You just tried to kill my brother. Get out!”

        Amelia stared at the young hunter and turned towards Dean and pulled a stained knife from her coat pocket.   Before Sam could stop her, the angel intervened.  The knife flew into the air and slid across her throat.

        Castiel removed her.

        Sam stared at the spot where the woman he loved had been standing.  He saw the knife on the floor.  She would have killed Dean. 

        Sam looked down at the man on the bed.  Green eyes stared at him.  There were pools of tears in those eyes.  He sat down beside his brother.

        “Dean, I…”

        “I’m sorry, Sammy,” the older brother whispered.

        “Dean, Man, I don’t know what to say.  I don’t even know what to do right now.”

        “Why don’t you go away for a while, Sammy.  Make your decision.  Come back when you know what you’re gonna do.”

        Sam nodded and looked at Castiel, who nodded in agreement.  The young man left the house and drove off in Amelia’s car.

        The angel walked over to the bed and touched Dean’s forehead.  The hunter gasped and sat up.  He stared into the blue eyes looking down at him.


        “You have had enough pain for the moment, Dean.  You are welcome to stay here for a while and rest.  Maybe you should go fishing.”


        “You enjoy it.  Take some time for yourself.”

        The hunter nodded as the angel vanished. 

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