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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snippets One Hundred Twenty-Five: CPS

        Two days later, a car pulled into Singer’s Salvage.  A middle-aged woman stepped out of the vehicle and walked towards the porch.  Sam looked up from a book he was reading.

        “You must be Sam Winchester,” the woman asked softly.  She smiled at the young man.

        “Yes, Ma’am,” the younger Winchester responded.

        “I am Ms. Wilkerson.  I am from Child Protective Services.”

        Sam jumped up, “Let me get my brother and Uncle Bobby.”  He ran into the house, leaving the visitor on the porch.

        A few minutes passed and Bobby opened the door.

        “Ms. Wilkerson?”

        “Mr. Singer?”

        “Yes, Ma’am.  Come inside,”  the hunter stood aside to allow the woman to enter his home.  He grimaced as she passed him.

        Dean sat on the couch, staring at the woman who had the power to destroy his life.

        For the next hour, Ms. Wilkerson questioned both of the boys.  Dean was adamant about falling.  He claimed that Sam had run away and their father did not know about his accident. 

        Bobby watched the and listened.  His main thought was where had Dean gotten so fluent at using a smooth tongue and expressions to maneuver a woman.  It frightened the man.  The boy was sixteen.

        After another half hour, the woman stood.  “I believe the boy, Mr. Singer.  Mr. Winchester will serve some time for abuse.”

        “He didn’t abuse me!”

        “Dean, your father left the two of you in that house.  He did not bother to check on you.  He will receive six months and counseling.  Mr. Singer, we have seen how you care for them.  I will leave them in your charge.”

        “Thank you, Ma’am.”

        Castiel wanted to jump up and down, but felt it was beneath an angel’s dignity.  He did bring his fist down and murmur a happy ‘YES!!’

        Father shook His head and smiled.  No great harm was done to the boys at this time.  He would let it happen as the angel had arranged.

        The older boy stared in shock at the door after the CPS representative left the house.

        “We get to stay for six months,” Sam squealed.

        Dean shook his head, “Dad’s gonna kill me.”  He walked back into the kitchen and sat at the table to finish the sandwich he had been eating.

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