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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snippets One Hundred Thirty: Confrontation

        Sam stood in shock as his father hit the ground, cursing like a sailor.  Dean got up off the ground.  He stared at his Dad, than turned towards Bobby.

        “You shot him?  Why did you shoot him?  I wanted to go with him.”

        “Dean, your Dad beat the crap out of you and left you alone for a week.  I could have gone and gotten Sam.  Any hunter would have done it.  Sam, did your Dad beat you?”

        The younger Winchester turned his head towards Bobby.  He shook his head ‘no’ and looked at his brother.

        “Dean, did he beat you?”

        “No, Sam.  I fell.”

        “Cut the crap, Son.  I saw you a week later.  The nurse and I both knew you were lying.  She kept quiet to keep you two out of foster homes, but your Dad pissed her off so bad she called him in.  You need to realize you don’t deserve what he does to you.”

        “He’s my Dad, Bobby.  He’s doing the best he can.  I messed up….Big Time.  I earned what I got.”

        “Dean!  You and Sam get in the car.  Now!”

        The older boy stared at his father and the older hunter.  He trembled slightly.  Castiel walked towards him and put his arms around his charge, knowing Dean wouldn’t feel it.  The angel prayed that Father would at least let some of his grace and peace flow into the boy.

        “I’m sorry, Bobby.  We gotta go.  Dad needs us.”

        “Dean, don’t let him hurt you again.  You call me if you need me, Boy.”

        “I’ll be fine, Bobby.  Come on, Sam.”

        Bobby walked over to the man lying on the ground.  He nudged him with his foot.

        “Get up, John.  It’s just bird shot.  The pellets can be pulled out with tweezers.  Might take a while, but it will give you some notion of what it’s like to have someone you know and trust hurt you.  Maybe you’ll see your son through different eyes next time.”

        “You won’t see them again, Bobby.”

        “I figure I will.  You can’t behave yourself long enough to protect them and they will need me.” 

        “Dean’s old enough to not need help and babying any longer.”

        “You’re a fool, John.  You’ll lose him one of these days.”

        John smiled, “I don’t think so. He’s trained better than most.”

        “You should be proud of him, John.  He’s a good kid.”

        “He does make me proud at times.”

        John gingerly got into the car and grimaced.

        Dean looked back at Bobby, an excited expression on his face.

        “He’s proud of me, Bobby.  I need to take care of him. Let’s go, Sam.”

        The younger boy stared at all three men.  He knew something wasn’t right, but he wasn’t sure what it was.

        Castiel sat in the back seat with Sam.  Dean rode shotgun.

        Bobby watched the Impala leave the salvage yard.  He was worried about both boys, but Dean was the main concern.  John didn’t beat Sam.

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