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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snippets One Hundred Thirty-Three: Dean and John Part Three

        John ate a large portion of his meal but refused to drink the beverage Dean had supplied.  He pulled out a bottle of whiskey and drank it with the meal.  When he tried to rise from the table, the man stumbled.   Dean jumped up and grabbed an arm.  Sam began to help, but his brother hissed at him to sit on the bed and stay there.

        It took the teenager some time to undress the man on the bed.  John was in a drunken stupor.  The boy removed his shoes and long sleeve shirt.  He left his father’s t-shirt on the man, but undid the belt and pulled both the jeans and the boxers off. The socks remained.

        Dean grabbed the med kit and the extra items John had purchased.  He found the forceps and began to pull the pellets out of his Father’s rear end.  John moaned at times, but the alcohol had more than done its job.  The boy removed twenty-three pellets from his Father.  He looked up and noticed that Sam had cleaned up after their Dad’s meal and was laying on his side on the other bed.

        The older boy cleaned up and got ready for bed.  He climbed in next to his younger brother and turned to face his back. 

        “Thanks, Sammy,” Dean whispered quietly.

        “I’m sorry, Dean,” Sam spoke softly.

        “For what?”

        “Dad was mean to you.  I’m sorry,” Sam choked on the tears.

        “Sammy, I’m a warrior.  Dad’s training me.  Commanding officers are always mean to soldiers.  That’s how we learn everything and don’t forget what we're trained to do.  I’m all right,” Dean comforted his brother.

        Sam sniffed, dozed off, and the older boy lay there beside him and thought about what he had said.

        Castiel made sure that John Winchester had alcohol-induced dreams the entire night.  The angel’s favorite was for John to be running through a nightmarish forest chased by large birds with shotguns filled with ‘people’ shot.  The angel sat quietly, a strange smile on his face.

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