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Friday, January 11, 2013

Snippets One Hundred Twenty-Seven: Changes

        It didn’t take Bobby very long to see a difference in the older Winchester boy.  Dean lost some of his shyness and had developed a confidence alien to him. 

        Bobby drove over to the Summers’ house one afternoon and saw his boy and Mrs. Summers frolicking in the swimming pool.  It wasn’t difficult to see what was happening.  The hunter shook his head and sat in his car trying to decide what he should do. 

        Dean was sixteen.  What was happening constituted statutory rape in South Dakota.  Mrs. Summers could end up in jail.  He hated for that to happen to the woman, but Dean was sixteen.  It kept going through his mind.  John would be upset by it, wouldn’t he?  Knowing John, he might also be proud of the boy and just give him warnings.

        Bobby drove home and waited for Dean.  Sam was at the movies.  He told him he would pick him up when the feature was over.   The older man sat in the kitchen and drank a beer.   The front door open and the teenager walked towards the stairs.

        “Dean!  Would you come into the kitchen?”

        The boy entered and stood at the door.  “Hey, Bobby.”

        “Sit down, Dean.  We need to talk.”

        Dean hesitated but finally sat at the table.

        “How long have you and Mrs. Summers been having sex in her swimming pool?”

        “I’m gardening, Uncle Bobby.”

        “Like hell you are, Boy.  I stood by the gate and watched you learn a few new maneuvers in the swimming pool, and I know you didn’t learn those at a swimming hole.”

        Dean’s face turned bright red.

        “She’s not hurting me.”

        “I doubt any of that hurt physically, Son.  I’m trying to decide whether or not to have her arrested.  You are definitely quitting the job.”

        “You can’t do that!  Dad’s not here and you’re not my dad!”

        “You know, I could let that hurt me if I thought you meant it.  You’re grounded to the property.  Give me the keys to the car.”

        Dean stood up, reached into his pocket, and handed the man the keys and walked upstairs to his room.

        Bobby rose from his chair and called Mrs. Summers.  His conversation was blunt.  He suggested she get a gardener over the age of twenty-one and made sure she had no more contact with Dean.

        Castiel, returning from a job for Father, arrived in the boy’s bedroom.  He could tell that Dean was upset, but had no idea what was going on.  He went downstairs and heard the one sided discussion between Bobby and his charge’s tutor.  The angel turned white and looked at the ceiling.


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