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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dream Song Chapter Five

        Dean woke feeling that something wasn’t right.  He slowly turned over and saw someone leaning over Sam.  Slowly pulling his gun out from under him, the hunter pointed it at the shape in the dark.

        “You wanna tell me what the hell you’re doing?” the hoarse sounding voice asked and the sound of the Colt being cocked was loud in the quietness of the canyon.

        The figure straightened and moved slowly towards the armed man.

        “You may attempt to harm me, Dean Winchester, but it will do you know good.  I am not here,” the Shaman spoke as he appeared within the light of the dying fire.

        “You look here to me and it’s easy enough to find out, but I won’t fire.  We need help,” the exhausted man answered softly.

        “I found the remains of the skin walker.  You did not bury him.”

        “With what?  I’m injured, I have no shovel, and Sam’s in bad shape,”  I put some rocks over him the best I could, but I didn’t have the time to cover him with a large amount of small rocks and there were mainly boulders there,” the hunter was growing angry.

        “I cannot help you,” the elderly man replied.

        “Damn it!  Look at him!  We need help.”

        “You lied when you told me you were studying my peoples’ beliefs.  Instead, you killed a skin walker.”

        “He was killing people.  It’s my job to hunt him down.”

        “There are many skin walkers, Dean Winchester.  You made a terrible mistake by killing this one.  There are others out there.  I will not help you.  You committed a crime.”

        “A crime?  I killed a cat that turned back into a human and you know it,” Dean was getting angrier.  “We need help.  You can’t just leave us out here.”

        “I will leave the two of you here to be judged by the Spirits.  If you survive, they have forgiven you.  If you die, it is justice.”

        “Wait a minute!  I’m the one who shot him.  At least help Sam,” the hunter pleaded.

        “He hunted with you, Dean Winchester.  This is the trial for you both.  I will not intervene.”

        Before Dean could move, the Shaman disappeared.

        He sat back and uncocked his gun.  “What do we do now?  Damn.”

        The hunter built up the fire and stayed awake.  Fear of other skin walkers finding them in the dark coursed through him.  He dragged his brother closer to the fire and covered him with his jacket.  Sitting with his back against a boulder, he watched the dark for any sign of life and waited for morning.

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