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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snippets One Hundred Thirty-Four Dean and John Part Four

        Dean woke early and checked on his Father.  John did not bleed through the bandages.  The boy winced, thinking how painful it would be to sit with all the holes in his butt.  He dressed and left the room.  Walking towards the restaurant, the teen plotted out breakfast.

        John Winchester woke at the sound of the door clicking shut.  He sat up quickly and hissed.  His head pounded and he found sitting to be almost impossible.  The hunter eased out of bed and checked on the boys.  Dean was gone.

        “Sam, get up, Son,” he spoke quietly.  The younger boy moaned and yawned.  He sat up when he saw his father.

        “Where’s your brother?”

        “I don’t know, Dad.  He slept beside me, and I didn’t hear him get up.”

        John walked over to the cooler that had been brought in and looked inside.  All of the beer was gone.  His face turned red.

        “Where the hell is the beer, Sam”

        “Dean tossed it, Dad.”

        “He what?”

        Sam eased off the bed and grabbed some clothes.  He inched past his father and went into the bathroom.  John grabbed a pillow and sat on one of the chairs by the table.

        Sam slipped out of the bathroom and grabbed a book.  He sat on the bed he shared with Dean and read.

        Castiel was with his charge.  He’d seen the boy empty beer bottles and frowned.  John Winchester would not look kindly on any reason for taking away the alcohol.

        Dean went into the restaurant and bought three large breakfasts, two coffees, and a milk.  Heading back to the motel, the boy looked around him.  There was a park down the street.  He wished he could take Sam there to toss a ball around. 

The angel noticed his charge looking longingly towards the cleared area down the street.  It had a pavilion, children’s equipment and lots of open space.  He knew Dean was turning into a great hunter, but the boy still longed for the times Bobby took them out to play.
He’d have to find a way to meet the needs the young man was expressing in his thoughts.  After all, John’s butt had to hurt.  The angel smiled and thought, 'Even if it didn't.'

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