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Monday, February 4, 2013

Desert Song Chapter Seven

        I wish to apologize.  For some stupid reason, and I didn’t catch it, I gave the title, “Dream Song” to this story for chapters five and six.

          Sam nudged his brother with a shotgun.  Dean jumped and his gun came up.  The younger man could see the dark circles under the older hunter’s eyes.  He shook his head.

        “Dean, I wish I could let you sleep, but those aren’t normal clouds.  They’re moving too fast.”

        Running his hands over his eyes, the older man looked up and cursed.  He grabbed the two backpacks and a shotgun.  Handing one backpack to Sam, he put the shotgun strap and a backpack strap over a shoulder and grabbed the litter.

        “Dean, help me make a crutch.  I can walk that way,” Sam spoke urgently.

        “Damn it, Sammy, the bone is moving.  You can’t walk with it that way.  It can rip through the muscle and skin.  We don’t have what’s needed to keep that intact.  Okay?”

        “If those clouds start pouring down on us, there’s gonna be a flash flood.”

        “Yeah, I know.  So shut up and let me pull this damn thing,” Dean ordered as he began pulling the litter as fast as he could.  His leg was throbbing worse, but he didn’t believe he had the time to look at it right at that moment.

        The Winchesters managed to travel for a half hour, when Dean’s leg gave out.  Sam could hear him swearing.  He managed to crawl off the litter and move towards his brother.

        “What the hell is wrong?”

        At that inopportune moment, the heavens opened and a cloudburst began to pour down into the canyon.  Both boys looked up in shock at the torrential downpour that was soaking everything.

        Dean struggled to stand and Sam was trying to pull him down.

        “Stop it, Sammy!”

        “What’s wrong with your leg?”

        “I got clawed.  Now let’s get the hell outta here!”

        “Not ‘til I look at it.”

        The argument was stopped by the loud roar that echoed through the canyon.

        “Shit!” Dean yelled as the wall of water bounced off walls as it raced towards them.

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