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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dream Song Chapter Six

        Dean was struggling to stay awake.  His eyes would close but he refused to let them stay that way.  Struggling, the hunter rose and put some more wood on the fire.  He tried to give his brother some water, and for the first time, Sam drank it.

        “Sammy?”  Dean turned his flashlight onto his brother’s face.  The eyes were twitching.  The older man sobbed when he heard a slight moan.

        “Sammy, can you hear me?”

        “You don’t have to shout at me, Dean.  My head is killing me.”  The tall man tried to move and the older hunter saw the panic on his face.

        “It’s okay, Sammy.  I had to tie you down.”

        “What!  Dean, why the hell did  you tie me down,” Sam asked him in confusion.

        “You got a bad break in your leg and you were out cold.  There was a cut and a large knot on your head, man.”

        “Untie me,” Sam demanded.

        Dean cut the ropes and helped his brother sit up.  “I got a little bit of food in your backpack.  I was saving it until we got desperate.”

        “What’s going on?” the younger brother asked.

        Dean filled him in on what had happened.  Sam stared at him.

        “The Shaman thinks we’re murderers?  Dean, the thing was a monster.” 
        “Yeah, well…maybe we got the wrong one,” Dean sighed.

        “He jumped you, Dean.  That’s why you killed him.  You got one that attacked you.  If he didn’t commit the murders, than there’s more than one that is out here attacking people.”

        “I’m not stupid, Sam.  I know that.  It’s why I’m awake and have been since the Shaman showed up.  As soon as it’s daylight, we’ll move again.”

        “You can’t keep dragging me,’ Sam stated.

        “Your leg isn’t gonna let you walk, Sam.”

        Sam's nostrils flared and he took the gun and let his brother get a couple of hours sleep.

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