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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snippets One Hundred Thirty-Eight: July 4, 1995 Part One

        John made a decision to spend time with his sons.  Using one of his credit cards, the hunter bought a tremendous amount of fireworks for Independence Day.  He planned to take them out to the country, have a picnic and shoot off the fireworks.

        Sam and Dean were surprised, but thought it would be a fun family time; something they never really had with their Father.  Both boys went to bed early, excited about the day ahead. 

        Dean heard the phone ring in the middle of the night.  Slipping out of the bed he shared with his brother, the older boy stood in the doorway and listened to his Dad plan a hunt for the next day.  Sighing, he walked into the room and got his Father’s weapons and began to clean them, knowing the man would not be there in the morning for them to take care of it.

        John got off the phone and looked at his oldest son.  He grunted and smiled at the boy.  Dean was the perfect soldier.  He didn’t think the boy would ever equal his younger brother, but he obeyed every order and could be trusted to what he was told.

        The oldest Winchester walked into his bedroom and packed.   He came back into the living room and looked at the teen finishing the breakdown and cleaning of his rifle.  He nodded and sat down.

        “I’m gonna be gone for a couple of weeks, Dean,” he commented.  You two stay here and keep out of trouble.  Stay away from the fireworks. We’ll find another time to use them.  Who knows.   They might actually be usable in a hunt.”

        Dean forced a smile and answered, “Yes, Sir.”

        John grabbed his weapons and duffel and headed for the door.  He turned and looked at his oldest son.”

        “Tell Sam goodbye for me.  Keep an eye on him.   I don’t want to have to punish you if anything happens.”

        Dean winced and answered again, “Yes, Sir.  Nothing will happen.  I won’t let it.”

        John grunted in reply, headed out the door to the Impala, and drove away, leaving one unhappy teenager behind him. 

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