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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Snippets One Hundred Thirty-Seven: Sam

        John Winchester did not move.  Instead, the boys’ father stayed where he was and waited on his sons.

        Dean sighed and looked down at his little brother and saw the hesitation in the boy’s eyes.  Sam did not want to go further.  A sad smile crossed the older Winchester boy’s face.     

        “It’s okay, Sammy.  He’s not gonna hurt you,” the teen spoke softly, placing an arm around his brother’s shoulder, feeling how tense the boy was.

        Sam nodded and the two walked towards their father.   John remained quiet as the boys approached the car.  He looked at the ball and gloves.

        “You played ball?”

        Before Dean could respond, Sam piped up, “It’s a good way to practice hand and eye coordination, Dad.  You had the car.  We had nothing else to practice with.”  

        Both of the older Winchesters stared at the youngest.  John grunted and opened the car door. 

        “Get in.  Your stuff’s already in the trunk.  We have a hunt in Alabama.”    
        Dean didn’t realize he was holding his breath.  He released the air and whispered, “Thanks, Sammy.”  The younger boy smiled up at him and Dean realized just how much he loved and needed the boy.  Sam was his only constant.  He took another deep breath and both climbed into the Impala.

        Castiel was relieved and marveled at the younger Winchester’s  ingenuity.  The angel smiled and thought that Dean might just have the companion he needed when John got out of his life. 

        Father smiled sadly, knowing what the future held.

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