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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Desert Song Chapter Thirteen

        Sam allowed Dean to sleep several hours, against his better judgment.  They needed every second of daylight to move toward the canyon exit and the Impala, but his brother was in worse shape than his own leg.

        The older man moaned in his sleep and woke with a jump.  He cried out in pain.  The younger hunter moved closer and put the bottle of water up to the waking man’s lips.  Dean tried to sip the water, but he was so thirsty.

        “Dean,” Sam said urgently.  “We only have a few bottles left.  Let’s take it slow.” 

        Sam watched his brother as he nodded slowly, noting the sunburn had made his freckles more dominant on his face.  He hid a small smile, remembering the man as a child.  He had teased him a couple of times about the spots. 

        “Share the joke, Sammy,” the hoarse voice spoke softly.   “I could use something funny right now.”

        “I was just remembering when we were kids, and I used to tease you about your freckles.”


        “I found enough branches to make two walking sticks, Dean.  We should be able to move a little faster that way.  You ready?”

        “Yeah, man.  Let’s get out of here.”

        Sam managed to get onto both legs and winced, but his splinting and the tight use of tape helped to hold the bones together a little better.  He reached down and handed a walking stick to his brother.

        “Thanks, Sammy,” the hunter whispered and he grabbed hold of the stick and pushed into the ground, using the stick to pick himself up.  When he managed to stand on both feet, holding himself up, he groaned and cursed, “Shit!”

        The two brothers leaned on each other’s shoulders and helped support one another.  The slow trek out of the canyon was begun.

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