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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snippets One Hundred Thirty-Five: Dean and John Part Five

        Dean entered the motel room he shared with his Dad and brother, Sam.  The younger boy looked up from his book, a scared look on his face.  The older boy stopped and stared at him.  He followed his brother’s gaze to the cooler and swallowed hard.


        “Yes, Sir,” the boy answered quickly.

        “Where the hell did you go?”

        “I bought breakfast, Sir,” John’s older son responded as he brought the food to the table.  “Sam, come eat before it gets cold. “  Dean set out the meals and handed his Dad a cup of coffee.

        “What I wanted was a beer, Dean,” John said, harshly.  “They are all gone.”

        “Yes, Sir,” Dean’s voice shook slightly.

        “You got rid of them?”

        “Yeah, Dad, I didn’t think you needed to be drinking so much when you’re driving.”

        “Since when do I tell  you to think?”

        “Every day we hunt, Dad.”

        “Are we hunting?”

        “No, Sir.”

        “Well, you’re not your brother.  Never decide what I should or should not do or have.  You understand me, Boy?”

        “Yes, Sir,” the teen answered softly.

        “What did you say?”

        “I said, Yes, Sir,” Dean spoke loudly.

        John slapped his face, “Don’t yell at me, Boy!”

        “I didn’t yell, Sir.  You said you couldn’t hear me!”

        Dean ducked the second slap.  John stood up quickly, his chair turning over as he rose.   Sam jumped up and ran between the two older Winchesters.

        “You leave my brother alone!”

        John turned to slap his younger son, when Dean grabbed his arm.  The man turned and raised his fist.

        “You can hit me, Dad, but you just threatened, Sammy.  You hit me.  You don’t touch him.  I’ll turn you in and I’ll take him and run. You’ll never find us.”

        The hunter backed off, turned, got dressed, and left the house.  In a few minutes, the boys heard the Impala’s engine.

        “What do we do now, Dean?”

        “He’ll be back.  He doesn’t want me calling Uncle Bobby.  Let’s eat breakfast.  We’ll split his.”

        Castiel, watching the scene, added more pain to John’s injuries and put the memory of the park in the older boy’s mind.

        “There’s a store down the street, Sammy.  I think we’ll buy a ball and go to the park for a while.”

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