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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snippets One Hundred Forty: July 4, 1995 Part Three

        The boys found a lovely field surrounded by trees.  They pulled the ‘borrowed’ car off the road and set up a blanket and laid out the food they had brought.   Dean got out the ball and gloves and the two young Winchesters had a fine day playing catch and eating a lot of greasy chicken.

        As the day grew late, Dean put the blanket in the car and set out the fireworks.  Both boys sat on the hood of the old vehicle and watched the starts come out.  When it grew dark, the older boy grabbed his flashlight and made sure he had a lighter. 

        The next hour was one of rare joy for John Winchester’s sons.  They shot off bottle rockets, Saturn missiles, Roman candles and many other loud and colorful fireworks.  Halfway into the second hour, a fire started in the hay field next to the land the boys were on.  Dean grabbed the blanket and ran to the fire, trying to put it out.  There had been no rain and the hay was dry.  The fire spread like wild fire.

        “Sammy, grab everything and throw in the back seat!  We gotta make sure we leave nothing behind!”  Dean ran towards his brother and searched the grounds.  Everything went into the back seat of the car. 

        When the parked the car at the old gas station, both boys ducked as fire trucks sped past them, followed by police vehicles.

        The two Winchesters hid behind the building until everything returned from their picnic ground.  They sat on old tires and talked quietly.

        “Dean, Dad’s gonna kill us.”

        “No, Sammy. Me.. maybe, but not you.  You’re okay.”

        The angel had watched everything carefully and new that his charge was in deep trouble.  John would want to know what happened.  Castiel was not happy.  He would have to find a way to protect the boy.

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