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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Desert Song Chapter Ten

        The evaporating water made the humidity in the canyon rise.  Dean was still damp from his time in the waters, and the humidity was making him sweat profusely.  The sun was almost overhead and beating down upon injured man.   The hunter wiped the sweat from his eyes, and missing a step, he fell to the ground with a loud moan. 

        “Damn it,” the older Winchester choked out as he tried to get a deep breath.  He finally managed to stumble to his feet and keep going.  In Dean’s mind was the picture of Sam on the top of the large rock, holding onto a mesquite branch, one leg in a splint, and no way down.

        The heat from the sun caused the remaining water to evaporate.  The hunter felt as if he were in a steam room.  It made breathing more difficult.   Stumbling again, Dean was unable to catch himself as he fell.  Raising his head, the injured man had a bad coughing fit, doubled up, and held his chest in agony.  The last cough brought up blood.   Dean looked at it and wondered if it was his throat or his lungs. 

        The hunter rolled onto his back to try to ease his breathing.  He saw the Shaman on the canyon’s edge.  Anger gave him the strength he needed to stand up, and he did so, defiantly.

        “You may think you’re winning, but I’m not dead!  I won’t die easily,” he shouted to the old man.  Dean had a sporadic burst of coughing.  He stood straight again and yelled, “I’ll get my brother out of here.  Then, I’m coming for you!”

        He heard the echoing laughter of the Shaman and the man disappeared. 

        “Damn,” Dean muttered, wiping blood drops from his mouth and chin. 

        He looked up at the sun and searched for a walking stick.  The waters had taken anything loose with them.  Shaking his head, the hunter resumed his slow tread towards the large boulder and Sam.

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