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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Desert Song Chapter Seventeen

        Dean woke in a room filled with electronic equipment.  The walls were painted a light gray.  He felt a hard gurney-type table beneath him.  A breathing machine was attached to him.  The machine eased the pain of taking a deep breath.  The older Winchester didn't feel need quite as bad.

        The young hunter tried to talk but his voice was incredibly hoarse.

        “He’s awake, Doctor,” a woman’s voice commented.

        “Where’s anesthesiology?  I need him under.”

        The older Winchester’s mind was foggy but he understood the word, “under.”

        “Good, there you are.  We need to go in, stat.”

        The green eyes almost crossed as the injured man tried to focus on the mask someone behind him was placing over his face.  He made an attempt to stop the mask from reaching his face, but his hands wouldn’t move.  They were strapped down.

        A confused mumble of “What the hell?” could be heard erupting from the patient 

        “Breathe deeply, Sir.  It’s important they take care of you right now”

        “Wha…?” Dean was asleep.


Sam lay on a gurney in the emergency room, waiting for an orthopedic doctor to arrive and look at the x-rays.   His leg was throbbing and his head hurt.  The doctors had informed him he had a concussion.  They planned to keep him for a few days to monitor the injuries, but weren’t sure if he needed surgery for his leg.

He kept asking questions about Dean and was getting no answers.  Frustration was not helping him. When asked about next of kin, the nurse wanted someone besides Dean.  Sam finally gave her Garth’s number and said he was a step brother.    
The orthopedic surgeon suggesedt surgery to keep the bone strong and allow it to heal.  Sam was not happy but agreed and signed the papers.  He’d already signed Dean’s.

The younger brother asked about Dean one more time and was told he had regained consciousness before the anesthesiologist put him under.  Sam was moved to a gurney and taken to the surgical area.

“We are going to prep you, Mr. Winchester.  Blood work was done and an IV was inserted.  Soon, he was moved into an operating room and someone told him to breathe.

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