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Monday, February 4, 2013

Snippets One Hundred Thirty-Six: Play Day

        The boys finished the breakfasts and walked to the local store where Dean purchased a ball and two gloves, knowing John would be angry over the purchase.  

        The Winchesters spent the day at the park.  Dean taught Sam everything Bobby had taught him.  They laughed, ran after stray balls, and acted like two normal boys.  Neither boy thought about John. 

        Castiel sat at a picnic table and watched his charge and the younger boy.  He smiled at the laughter, enjoying the free day as much as the two young people. 

        Sam started to get hungry and Dean looked up at the sky.  It was late afternoon. 

        “Let’s go get lunch, Sammy,” he said as he grabbed the gloves and the ball.  The two Winchesters walked back towards the restaurant.  Sam had a soup and sandwich, while Dean had a large cheeseburger, fries and a coke. It had been a good day and both were happy with how it had turned out.

        After sitting and talking for a long time, Dean paid for the meal and they headed back to the motel.  The boys were laughing and having a great time when they turned towards the section that housed their room.  Both stood still and stared at the Impala.  John was leaning against it, staring at them.

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