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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snippets One Hundred Thirty-Nine: July 4, 1995 Part Two

        Castiel arrived around eight in the morning of July 4, from a mission for Father.  Dean had dozed off on the couch and Sam was still sleeping.  He saw the large box of fireworks and looked for John.  The older Winchester was nowhere in sight.  
        Sam walked into the room, yawning.

        “We need to wake up Dad, Dean,” he said, excitedly.

        Dean woke suddenly and looked up at his little brother.  It was at that moment, he made a decision he knew would get him in trouble.  He got his duffel out of the bedroom and emptied it.  Sam watched as his brother packed the fireworks into the bag.


        “Dad left on a two week hunt last night.  We’re gonna celebrate Independence Day on our own, Sammy.”

        “How are we gonna get out into the country?”

        “There’s an old abandoned car at the gas station at the end of town.  We’re gonna hot-wire it.”

        “Dean, we’ll get arrested!”

        “Not if no one’s using it.  It’s been sitting there.  The owner wants to sell it.  I talked to him about it two days ago.  He’s not open today.  It’s a holiday.  The pumps are open for credit cards, Sam.  We’re gonna have our holiday.  We’ll stop and get some fried chicken.  One of the convenience stores is gonna be open.  They have a deli.  I’m not letting you down.”

        Castiel stood in shock as he listened to Dean’s idea.  He wanted to stop him but felt a nudge from Father to let him go.

        ‘Father, he never disobeys John Winchester.’

        ‘It is time, my Child.  Dean has never rebelled.’

        ‘He will be punished.’

        “But this time, he will have earned it.’

        ‘How is that good, Father?’

        “Dean will learn that everything you do has a repercussion.  He needs to learn this.  Now is a good time for him to learn.  Protect him from the law, Castiel.  It is not time for him to deal with them.’

        ‘Yes, Father,’ the angel answered in a confused voice.

        Castiel followed the boys as they walked through town and stopped to buy chicken.  Sam placed it in his backpack.  They reached the closed gas station and Dean hot-wired the old car.  Using a credit card, the teen filled the car.  They backed out of the station and headed out of town. 

        All Castiel could think of was ‘Grand Theft Auto.’ as he sat in the backseat of the car.

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