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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Snippets Seventy-Eight: New Year's Day

Bobby had stayed for the duration of the holidays and he and John were watching a football game on the television.  It was the fourth quarter and the game was tied between the University of Texas Longhorns and the Texas A and M Aggies. 

Sammy ran into the house yelling, “Dean needs yella mobbles.”

Bobby asked, “What?”

“Yello mobbles for da snowman.”

John looked at the television, sighed, and got up.   “Bobby, do you know what Dean did with that big bag of marbles Ellen gave him?”

“They’re in a drawer in the kitchen.  Only place to keep from tripping over them.”

John looked in the drawer and found two large shooters that were yellow. 

“Why in the hell does he want yellow marbles for a snowman?  Their eyes are black as coal.”

John shook his head, “I don’t know, Bobby.  Let’s find out.”  The two men walked outside and saw a large snowman in the front yard.  Dean had to have worked hard to get the balls of snow on top of each other. 

John handed his son the two marbles.  He watched Dean stand on tiptoes and reach for the face. Bobby and John exchanged glances.


“Yes, Sir?”

“Why are you giving the snowman yellow eyes.”

“I’m gonna put salt around it and keep him away.”

“Keep who away, Dean?  Who has yellow eyes?”

“It was the color of the eyes of the man in Sammy’s nursery.  He tried to take Sam at the door of the house at Halloween.”

Both men exclaimed, “What?!!” at the same time.

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