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Friday, July 20, 2012

Snippets Seventy-One: Castiel's Point of View

Castiel thought back over what Dean had been going through for the last six months with no one there to stand up for him.  He decided to stand back and watch and see what affect the training and his father’s attitude were having on the boy.

John kept everything he needed for the training in the trunk of the Impala.  He would find a deserted area and put Sam in a day care for the time he and Dean would be working.  A rope net would be hung from branches of trees, two ropes would be hung between two trees, and an obstacle course would be laid out. 

The angel watched carefully.  John would encourage the boy when he did what he was told.  He yelled like a drill sergeant when Dean faltered or messed up.  Soon the older boy began to excel at the trials his father ran him through. 

After one workout, John ruffled Dean’s hair and smile at his son.  “You did good, Son.”

Castiel looked at the joy in Dean Winchester’s eyes and realized that somehow John had managed to earn the adulation of a six-and-a-half year old.  He wanted to mourn but knew that John was really all the boy had to look up to.  Bobby would be around but John was his father.  At least for now. Cas followed both of the Winchesters as they loaded the gear in the Impala.

“Let’s go pick up Sam and take some burgers home, Son”

“Yes, Sir,” the young boy responded

‘Father?’ Castiel asked from the front seat of the car.

‘Dean will worship John Winchester for many years, but he will need you, Castiel.  Do not leave.  Do not mourn.  He is becoming a hero.’

The angel looked at the satisfied face on the tired little boy in the back seat.  He smiled to himself and remembered the ruddy cheeks and small stature of David when he slew Goliath with a stone and a sling.  The boy in the back seat reminded him of David in a way.

“So, Dean,” Castiel spoke softly.  “You are a hero.  I wonder how many Goliaths you will face with a sling and a stone?”

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