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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Snippets Seventy-Six: Christmas Eve

John had placed a small Christmas tree on the coffee table.  Dean stood, staring at it.  He shook his head and left the room.  Sammy stood and watched the lights, mouth open, eyes wide.  John came into the room and sat on the couch.  He had invited some friends to come on Christmas Day.

Dean had the soup and sandwich John served for supper.  Sammy did not want to go to bed, but finally dozed off when his big brother laid down next to him.  The older boy had tears in his eyes, remembering Christmas at Bobby’s. 

The boys had been asleep for several hours when all the noise broke out.  Horses were neighing and a sleigh could be heard.  Running down the stairs, Dean saw his Dad open the door and walk outside.  He followed his father, no shoes on, into a snow storm.  A large sleigh had stopped in front of the house.  People in old clothes walked up to the porch and sang Christmas carols.

Dean forgot the cold as he listened to the harmonies and the words of the songs.  They were beautiful.  Snow started falling heavily.  John looked down at his barefooted son and picked him up.  The Winchesters felt a magical peace coming from the music.  A golden head leaned against John’s shoulder, and the older Winchester smiled in contentment, all evil forgotten.

Castiel stood with the choir, granting peace to the men, women, and children who had braved the cold to spread Father’s cheer to their neighbors.  He looked at the father and son and felt joy.  There could still be times that Dean would remember with happiness.  This was good. He thanked Father and asked that the Winchesters would have peace for Christmas.  

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