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Friday, July 6, 2012

Snippets Sixty-Three: Dean and Salads

Ellen and Bobby prepared for Thanksgiving the remainder of Wednesday.  The group watched a movie Ellen had brought for the boys. 

Thursday morning, Castiel watched the Macy’s parade with Dean while Sam played with a toy.  Bill watched the parade with the older Winchester, and would go into the kitchen and sneak cookies for them.

At 2:00 in the afternoon, Ellen called everyone to the table.  They put Sam in a high chair.  Ellen put a small amount of dressing, mashed sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, turkey, cranberry sauce, and a roll on Dean’s plate.  He was given a small salad in a bowl.

The hazel eyes stared at the lettuce and tomato in the bowl.  It had blue cheese dressing on it.  He took a small bite and started to spit it out.

“Don’t you dare, Dean Winchester.  That is bad manners.  Chew it and swallow it,” Ellen said forcefully.

Dean glared at her, but he swallowed the lettuce.  He made a face and pushed the salad away.  Bobby frowned.

“Dean, you need the fresh vegetables.”

“It tastes bad.”

Castiel could see a monumental argument starting and winced.

Also seeing an argument fixing to start, Ellen got up from the table.  She returned a few minutes later with a hamburger bun.  Bobby, Bill, Castiel, and Dean watched as she put a plate in front of the boy.  Opening the bun, she removed the turkey from his dinner plate and set it on the bun.

“This is the meat, and this goes on the sandwich,” Ellen said as she added the lettuce and tomato from the bowl.

“Don’t start, Dean.  The salad dressing has cheese in it.  Here, this is as close to a cheeseburger you are getting on Thanksgiving.  Just remember there is still other food on your plate.”

Dean looked into the woman’s eyes and nodded.  Castiel looked on in surprise when Dean picked up the turkey sandwich and took a bite.

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