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Monday, July 23, 2012

Snippets Seventy-Three: Horror Stories

John had a hunter friend who gave him a set of keys to his cabin.  The house was made of pine and was a simple place, but nicer then the motels he’d left the boys in. 

He told Dean he had hunts he had to make but the two boys would be safe here.  Dean looked up at his father and told him money would not help them here.  John took the boys into the nearest town.  He watched his oldest son buy food, clothing, linens, books, toys, and games.  Dean found a rack of used VHS tapes and grabbed a couple of packs.  John paid no attention to what the boy bought.  Dean wasn’t even sure.

John hugged Sam goodbye and told Dean to take care of him.  He was gone.  Dean watched the car leave and walked around the area outside.  They were near a lake.  He would have to keep a good eye on Sam.  Neither of them knew how to swim.

Sammy watched his brother clean the cabin and put away the food and other items he’d bought.  Hunters always added to the items in the cabin when they stayed there.  Sam was reading a new book while Dean looked at the movies in the packs.  One pack contained children’s movies but the other had “Re-Animator,” “Night of the Living Dead,” “Friday the 13th,” and “Nightmare on Elm Street.”  He looked at the covers and was pretty sure he should not have these.

After Sam went to bed that night, Dean had some popcorn and a coke and watched “Friday the 13th.”  He jumped at every sound he heard. He crept through the house, eyes wide, and looked out the windows.  Spanish moss hanging from a tree made him nervous.  He knew the cabin was salted but Jason Voorhees was not a ghost.  He was real.  Dean loaded a shotgun with real ammo and went to sleep with the weapon on the floor beneath the bed.

The oldest Winchester had a bad night and overslept in the morning.  He was wakened by the sound of Sammy laughing.  He walked into the living room.  Sammy was on the floor watching “Friday the 13th” and laughing at every scene.  Dean turned it off and stared at his little brother.

“Didn’t it scare you, Sammy?”

“No.  Not real.  Blood not like that.”

“How do you know that?”

“I seen it.”


“When you stuck the monster.”

Dean stared wide-eyed at his little brother, who would have been too young to remember the nightmare of that night.

Castiel looked on in concern and remembered Azazel’s comments about the second Winchester child.  ‘Oh Father, what are we facing with Sam?”

“Sam will be saved, my Son, but through fire.’

The angel watched the two brothers as Dean turned off the player and threw out the stack of horror movies.  He put in a movie his brother could watch and went to fix breakfast.

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