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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Snippets Sixty-Six: The Return of John Winchester

Two days after Dean’s encounter with the little girl, the Impala was heard pulling into the salvage yard. Bobby cursed, but Dean remained silent.

John entered the house when his son opened the door for him. He picked up Sam and hugged him and turned to stare at the older boy. Dean saw tears in his father’s eyes and frowned.

“Son,” John spoke softly.

The boy watched his father intently.  John turned red.

“I’m sorry I missed your birthday.  I seem to do that a lot.”  The older Winchester looked at Bobby.

“I’ve come to get the boys.”

Bobby scowled, “Like hell you are.  The agreement was when he turns seven and he’s just six.”

“Well, I’m breaking the agreement.  Dean and I have things we have to do.  He knows it.  Don’t you, Dean?”

Thoughts of the yellow-eyed man and the little girl worried Dean.  He looked into his father’s eyes and knew he had to go.

“Unca Bobby, I love you.  This is home, but I gotta go with Dad.”

Castiel was fuming.


‘It is time, Castiel, my Son.  Dean knows there is a home here, but he now has to train for Sammy.  I have put that need to do so in John Winchester. Dean will become the good son and the perfect soldier.  You will understand one day.’

Castiel stormed out of the house.  He could hear loud voices.  It took an hour, but Dean carried three duffels with him.  One was for Sammy.  One was for him.  The third held the blade Beau gave him, holy water, and salt that he took from Bobby’s supply.  Slowly, he was building an arsenal.

John exited the house with Sam in his arms.  Bobby had not convinced the man to leave the youngest boy with him.  Dean had said Sammy was his job, and both men stared at the young boy. 

Castiel sobbed, ‘Father, please?’

‘No, my Son.  Dean wants to go now. He knows that Sam is his job and he will do what is necessary to protect him.’

The angel went to his charge and looked into the hazel eyes and saw determination.  Sam was the main concern now.  Castiel shook his head.  Before him was a small boy with a man’s concerns on his shoulders.  The angel felt defeated.

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