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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Snippets Sixty-Eight: Summer of 1985

Dean spent his summer training.  The boy knew how to break down and clean rifles, shotguns, sniper guns and pistols.  John gave him the pearl handled pistol; one new addition to the boy’s small arsenal.

They stayed in Colorado for a while as John tried to get in contact with a man named Daniel Elkins.  Dean was taken on some salt and burns as John explained the necessity of salting and burning remains.  The first few times the boy vomited, but slowly acclimated himself to the site of remains in a coffin.

Much of Dean’s time was spent watching over his brother.  It had been ingrained for long enough that Dean would let no one else watch the little boy.  John would have to fight his older son to enable a babysitter to be with Sam while they did the salt and burns and the training.

In the back of Dean’s mind were the yellow eyed man and the little girl.  He watched his brother sleep when John was on a hunt and marveled at the thought that he might have to die to protect the sleeping child.  The only deaths he had seen were his mother’s and the wraith’s.  He winced at the thought, looked at his brother, and smiled.  He believed in Sammy.  It would be all right.

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