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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Snippets Sixty-Nine: Castiel

At the time John Winchester reclaimed his sons, Father called Castiel home. The angel fought to stay with his charge, but Father told him that it was important.

Castiel spent the next six months following the little girl who had accosted Dean on the sledding hill.  The child terrorized her family, disappeared for days on end, and two people were dead.

Tracking the child down took time.  When the little one left, she used Enochian symbols to ward off angels.  The yellow-eyed demon had warned her to do so.  He finally found her and drove the demon out but he had to fight several others and soon Gabriel came to his aide.  The two of them were able to vanquish the demons back to hell but could not get close enough to kill them.

Gabriel informed Castiel that he felt something bad was coming.  There were problems and arguments amongst the garrisons and he had had enough.  Castiel would not see him again.

The angel was heartbroken over the loss of Gabriel, but the thought of something bad coming worried him.  He asked Father if his job was done and could he go back to Dean?

‘Yes, my Son, but Dean has changed some.  Be prepared.’

‘For what, Father?’

Father gave the angel a vision of the past six months.  Castiel immediately found himself in a dirty motel room where John Winchester sat cleaning guns while his two boys slept.

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