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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Snippets Seventy: Fall of 1985

Dean realized he was not going to school in September.  When asked, his father looked guilty, but said that Dean could wait until he was seven years old.  John intimated that Dean would need the added age to keep up with the students from preschool and kindergarten. 

Castiel was furious.  John had been pushing the boy hard all summer.  Dean could break down and clean every weapon in the trunk of the Impala.  He could fight with most of them if he were big enough.  John began running a boot camp for the boy every other day when the man was home.

Sam was getting bigger, growing fast.  John laughed about keeping the child in clothes.  Dean saved change when he was given money.  His little brother was smart and he was buying him books with the change.  In the evenings, while John was visiting a local bar, the older boy taught his brother how to read, count to twenty, and recite the alphabet.  Sam knew how to spell his name.  
Tired as he was, Dean waited up for his father.  He kept food for him and tried to get the man to eat.  Most of the time, John would be tired.  Sometimes he would be hurting.  Other times, he would be angry.  Dean took the brunt of the anger, making sure Sammy was safe and did not know the other side of his ‘Daddy.’

Castiel watched in horror and would touch the boy and let his peace fill him.  He knew Dean hurt inside, feeling everything the boy felt, but he had no idea how to help him.  The angel would cry out to Father and was always told the same thing:  Guard him, bring people into his life he can trust, and this has to happen to make him the man Father would need and Cas would trust with his life.

This became the time Castiel started something new.  When Dean laid down beside his brother to protect him and would fall sleep, he had an angel laying down next to him and covering him with his wings.  

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