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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Snippets Sixty: John Aftermath

Bobby took the boys to the local miniature golf course and taught Dean how to play while Sam hit the ball everywhere with his club.  Bobby was grateful they were the only ones playing.  By the time they were through with the eighteen holes, Dean was laughing at Sam and seemed to be having a good time.

They drove to a local diner and Dean had a cheeseburger, French fries, a coke, and slice of peach pie.  Sam had a hot dog and French fries, milk, and an ice cream cone.  Sam would ask lots of questions and Dean answered every one of them.  The youngest Winchester was showing a lot of intelligence for his age.  The older showed great patience.

Bobby always wondered why the older boy was so hesitant to ask questions.  The best he’d heard from Dean was the boy touching something and a soft what would be asked.  He felt there was something, but he did not want to approach that at this time.  There were so many major problems for a child not yet six.

After lunch, they drove to the local video store where Bobby purchased three new movies for his collection.  He bought “The Karate Kid”, “The NeverEnding Story”, and “The Last Starfighter.”   He looked at some new horror stories but thought better of it.  No nightmares that were unnecessary. 

The three headed home and Sam fell asleep during the first movie.  Dean enjoyed all three, eyes open wide, and very intent on what occurred in each story. 

After the last movie, Bobby carried Sam upstairs with a sleepy Dean behind him.  After both boys were in the bed, Bobby pulled up the rocker and sat by the them. 

Dean reached out a hand and sighed when he touched it.

“It didn’t get Sammy, Unca Bobby.  I carried Sammy outta the house.  It didn’t get him.  I protect Sammy.  I didn’t know it was today.”

“Your Dad is not a very nice drunk, Son.  He’s not dealing with this very well.  I’m sorry you had to hear that.  You’re a good son.  He has yet to realize that, but I do.  Your Mama would want you to be brave.  You do what you need to do.”

Dean hugged the man, “Thank you, Unca Bobby.”

Soon the boy was asleep on his stomach, one arm around his stuffed dog and the other around his brother.

Bobby sighed, moved the rocker back where it belonged and headed downstairs to his bedroom.  Castiel watched him leave and turned and looked down at the two boys.
“So Bobby agrees with Father, little one.  You are the good son, and You are an amazing charge.”

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