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Monday, July 9, 2012

Snippets Sixty-Four: Dean's Christmas Memories

Bobby took the time to decorate the house for Christmas. Sammy watched all of the bright lights and ornaments being placed on the tree in the living room. His young face was gazing at everything in wonder. The hunter watched the young Winchester and smiled. He noticed the older boy standing by the window watching the snow falling.

Castiel knew Dean did not believe in Santa Claus and the child had a good enough reason. He worried that the boy would have no childhood at all, much less any memories of one.

It was Christmas Eve and Bobby followed an old family tradition and waited until the day before Christmas to decorate. He made hot cocoa and cookies and sat down with the boys to watch "Charlie Brown’s Christmas."

Dean mumbled, “He’s not real either.”

“Who’s not real, Son?”

“The baby in the manger. He’s like Santa Claus.”

Castiel closed his eyes in pain, ‘Father? What do I do?’

‘Be there. There is nothing you can do for him at this time. He will not believe for a long time. When he does, it will not last because I cannot help him with what he will need.’

‘What will he need that You cannot give?'

‘I cannot stop free will choices, my Son. Everyone will be making them. The angels in Heaven, the demons below, Ellen and her daughter, Bobby, Sam, Dean, and you will be making decisions. Not all of them will be good ones, but there will be incredible sacrifices and I will honor them. You will not hear from Me and you will believe that I am gone or do not care. Try to remember this.. I am seen and known through My actions not verbal responses. I love you, my Child. I love them.’

The angel turned his attention back to the man and the two boys on the couch. He hoped for a miracle. The hunter looked at the young boy sitting next to him.

“Dean, not everyone believes in Jesus or Santa Claus. They are ideals and beliefs of some people. Christmas is a celebration of a spirit of peace, love, understanding, and giving from deep within yourself. Now that should be something you can believe in.”

The blond haired boy looked up at the older man and thought about what he said. He looked at his little brother and smiled.

The angel watching him found comfort in the smile. He’d hoped for a miracle and he’d found one. Dean Winchester had found something to believe in.

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