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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Snippets Sixty-Five: Turning Six Can Change Your Life

Bobby took the boys sledding for Dean’s sixth birthday.  Castiel rode the sled behind the boy on every ride down the large hill.  After about six times, Bobby suggested they go and get warmed up and find something to eat.  Dean begged for one more time.

On his way up the hill, a young girl stopped and talked to him.  Dean smiled shyly and the two walked up the hill together.  When they reached the top, the girl turned to face him.

“I brought you a message.  Azazel said to tell you that Sammy is not worth fighting for.  He will turn his back on you, hate you, and try to kill you.  Azazel asks why die for him?  You will die for him?”

Castiel started to intervene but Father stopped him.

‘Let Dean answer, my Son.’

“We’re brothers.  I don’t think Sam will do that, but if he does, and if I die to save him and it will help him, I’ll die for him.  He is what I believe in.  He’s my brother.”

The little girl laughed and disappeared.

Castiel realized that Dean had just set his own course.

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