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Friday, July 20, 2012

Snippets Thirty-Two: Attempted Kidnapping

John received a call about a hunt on October 29th.  He packed up the Impala and Dean put Sam in his car seat and buckled both his brother and himself in.

John found a motel outside of Lansing, Michigan.  He left the boys and headed into the city.  Dean sat in a chair, watching a movie on television, while he waited for his father.  The movie was over at 1:30 a.m. in the morning. 

Castiel looked at the clock and worried.  John had told his son it was a simple salt and burn.  The angel watched the boy double check the salt at the door and windows.  He yawned, went back to the chair, and looked for something he could watch that late at night.

He heard the noise at the door and thought it was John.  When the door didn’t open immediately, Dean looked out a window.  A man in black was picking the lock.  He ran and picked his brother up and laid him on the floor with the bed between him and the door.  Grabbing the pearl handled pistol, the boy ran back to the bed and slid down to the floor next to Sam.

Castiel watched and waited.  The door opened and the man entered.  Dean had turned off all the lights except the one by the door. 

“Okay, boy.  All I want is the young one and you can live,” a harsh voice whispered. 

Castiel could tell it was a demon.  He headed towards the creature when Dean spoke up.

Cas stopped as he listened to the boy read an exorcism from his Dad’s journal.  He spoke it softly.  The demon recognized it and left the body.  The angel looked over the bed where the older brother held a cigarette lighter over the journal.  He closed it and got up. 

Castiel watched the boy take a lamp and bind the man on the floor with the light cord.  He locked the door and noticed there was a scrape in the salt.  Dean frowned at that.  How had he missed it?  He looked outside and the wind had picked up with a storm front coming in.  The demon had counted on the wind blowing the salt. 

After he re-salted the door, Dean sat on the floor near his brother, with the lights turned off until John got home.

John Winchester arrived at the motel at 4:00 a.m.  He saw the man on the floor and found his sons.  Dean explained what happened.  John looked at Sam fearfully and packed up his family and left Lansing.

Castiel, in the front seat, looked at the older brother, asleep on the rear seat.  He sighed, grateful that John Winchester had been doing such a good job turning his son into a hero.

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