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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Snippets Sixty-Seven: Life with John

Dean and Sam had been traveling with their father for four months.  John spent a lot of time with the boys, renting a home, working for a while, and training Dean.  Dean grew as a hunter under his father’s encouragement, but shrank within himself when John would yell and curse at him.

In late May, John got news of a hunt in Texas.  He quit his job, gave up the lease on the home, and packed up.  Dean was surprised.  He thought they were staying for the summer and he would start school in the fall. 

Several days later, John pulled into Texarkana, Arkansas.  The Texas hunt had turned into an Arkansas hunt near the town of Fouk.  He began his investigation and found out there had been a movie made about the creature.  Laughing, he turned to his son.

“I’m giving you some money. The motel is paid up for two weeks.  I shouldn’t be gone that long.  Protect Sammy,” John ordered as he laid a pearl-handled gun on the table.  Dean knew he was to shoot first and ask questions later.

John was gone for four days before the small amount of money Dean was given ran out.  Sam was feeling bad.  His throat hurt and he had a fever.  After several hours of delirium, Dean panicked.  He had no money, so he walked to the local pharmacy and read labels on medicines.  Watching carefully, he pocketed cough syrup, children’s Tylenol, chicken soup, and Seven Up in the military back pack Bobby had given him.  He managed to get out of the store and back to the motel.

Sam wasn’t getting any better by morning, so the older boy called Bobby, collect.
He was told to bathe his brother in lukewarm water and give him plenty of fluids.  Dean did as he was told.  At three in the morning, Sam’s fever finally broke.  Dean stayed up and kept an on him for the next three days.  He did not eat or sleep.

John finally showed up, drunk.  He brought some hamburgers.  Dean ate his and told him about Sam.  John nodded and went to bed, telling his son to keep an eye on his brother and he would get him some medical help in the morning.  Bloodshot hazel eyes stared at the man, but Dean obeyed.

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